We believe that when children learn calming techniques for self regulation and concentration they can navigate life's challenges with a little more ease. Yoga at an early age encourages self-esteem and body awareness with a physical activity that’s noncompetitive. It fosters cooperation and compassion and builds community.




Created with kids unique-needs-in-mind, Kids HeArt Yoga combines the power of imagination, playfulness, movement and fun. Each class introduces a new theme that is explored through yoga games and poses, dramatic play, art and music, all while incorporating teamwork, empathy, self confidence and gratitude.


​Kids HeArt Yoga provides programming at schools, play centers, community centers and fitness studios for kids of all ages, as well as birthday party services, summer camps and workshops.




Aimee has a background in performing arts and started working in fitness in 2003. In 2014, Aimee became a certified 200 hour Yoga Instructor which led to a teaching opportunity at a local gym teaching kids yoga. This experience sparked a passion to share yoga with more kids in her community and she received her kids yoga certification from Rainbow Kids Yoga in 2015 and co-founded Kids HeArt Yoga. Aimee hopes that her love for yoga and the arts can provide kids with a foundation for a growing practice and the ability to self express themselves so they can be the very best version of themselves. When Aimee is not teaching, she is usually hanging out with her husband and 2 daughters singing and dancing to the latest and greatest pop song. Sometimes, you may find her in a sound booth, as a Voice Over Talent or doing a headstand - her favorite yoga pose. She is also on the board of The Voices and Faces Project, an award winning nonprofit storytelling initiative in the hopes of making our world a better place for our children. 



Marissa is a certified kids yoga teacher and holds a Master’s degree in Counseling. She began her career as a therapist in NYC working with teens and adults who struggled with anxiety and self confidence issues. She continued her career as a therapist after moving to Madison, Wisconsin and working at UW with their student population. After one final move to Evanston,IL.  she decided she wanted to make a change and use much of what she learned and practiced as a therapist and blend it with yoga and the arts for kids. She received her kids yoga certification from Rainbow Kids Yoga in 2015 and co-founded Kids HeArt Yoga. Movement, breath, and letting go are all key components of yoga and much of what she worked on with clients when she was a therapist. Marissa now practices yoga multiple times a week which she feels helps her stay calm and present. Her favorite pose is tree pose because it makes her feel grounded and strong. When she’s not teaching and practicing yoga, she is often with her family and dogs enjoying the outdoors whenever possible. Marissa looks at life through another lens as well. She can sometimes be found photographing kids and families doing the things they love!



Davida Capra has been engaging in yoga for over 20 years and teaching for 7 years. With an emphasis on restorative yoga for all ages, she also loves to teach vinyasa and gentle yoga to children and teens! With the intention in each class to provide a welcoming and safe space where the student can let go of all judgement, stress and let the body and mind focus on their true, authentic self. Davida has been teaching with Kids HeArt Yoga at schools in Evanston for over 3 years and also has a studio in downtown Evanston for private and small group classes. She lives in Wilmette. 


Stacy Flake is a mom of three daughters and has been caring for and working with children of all ages for nearly 30 years. Her career in teaching ranges from after school programs to library classes and nonprofit volunteering. Through instituting a children’s yoga program at a national health club franchise, Miss Stacy became 'Yoga Guru' of Stacy's Little Yogis. She received her 200 RYT Instructor Certification in June of 2013 and her Children's Certification in July of 2013 as well as an advanced certification in September of 2020. This has allowed her to embrace and share her natural ability and passion for whole-hearted yoga with children. Miss Stacy has cultivated a mindful and soulful practice with her little yogis and she looks forward to sharing this practice with her future students!

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Allyson Krawczyk graduated from Illinois State University with a degree in special Ed as a Learning Behavioral Specialist. During her 4 years of teaching she realized that there needs to be more opportunities for mindfulness learning for children which led to her 200 RYT certificate through “Breathe For Change”, and allowed her to collaborate with other educators to bring social emotional learning and yoga into the classroom. Allyson's passion is to create an environment that is open to anyone and everyone and giving them the opportunity to grow as their best self! She knows she's doing her job when she sees children using self-coping skills to help regulate their emotions independently. Currently, she is enrolled in “Asanas for Autism and Special Needs” with Shawnee Hardy. Allyson sees all of us as different flowers growing at our own pace to create a beautiful garden and is super excited to grow with Kids HeArt Yoga!